Finding a Clerkship

Clerkships are always looking for preceptors, but sometimes finding the right family medicine program can be a hassle. Fortunately, many clerkships and family medicine programs have a dedicated web page with the names and contact information of the clerkship director and/or the clerkship coordinator listed. An email or phone call to one of those contacts is often enough to get the conversation started.

Quick Tips

  • Use the Clerkship Finder here on
  • Use a search engine to find nearby clerkships. For example, search for "family medicine clerkship Ohio" in Google.
  • Use the AAFP's clerkship directory finder. Simply select your state and leave everything else blank to find a clerkship in your region of choice.
  • Network with other physicians. Colleagues are a great connection to area medical schools and can often provide access to a specific clerkship.