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The AAFP has reviewed, and deemed it acceptable for AAFP credit. Term of approval is from 03/15/2021 to 03/15/2022. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

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Recognize your preceptors and precepting sites by providing them with a national award. Medical schools and residency programs can nominate teachers and teaching practices that meet the criteria. Learn more.

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The ABFM Precepting Performance Improvement Program

The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Precepting Performance Improvement Program allows academic units (Sponsors) to offer Performance Improvement credit (MOC IV) to family physicians who teach medical students or residents and who participate in a teaching improvement activity.

In support of this, the interactive online self-assessment tool allows preceptors to self-identify their teaching competency areas and highlight areas of interest for future improvement. The results from the self-assessment tool contain links to faculty development content on Preceptors can do this for their own benefit, or in an effort to fulfill the requirements of the Performance Improvement credit. The results of the self-assessment are private, and you need only share them with your institution if you choose to. 

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If you're a resident who is expected to teach medical students, follow this path to learn best practices and techniques for precepting.
If you're a new preceptor, follow this path to get a crash course in precepting.
If you're an established preceptor, follow this path to learn advanced tips and techniques.
If a new learner is about to join your practice, follow this path to make their transition into your practice go smoothly.
If wish to read all available pages in the competency domain Teacher and Professionalism, follow this path.
If wish to read all available pages in the competency domain Teacher and Learner, follow this path.
If wish to read all available pages in the competency domain Teacher and Assessment, follow this path.
If wish to read all available pages in the competency domain Teacher and Content, follow this path.
If wish to read all available pages in the competency domain Teacher and Environment, follow this path.

Focus of the Month

Help Learners Develop Their Professional Identity

Professional identities grow over time. Your learners, whether they are in medical school or residency, are forming their professional identities through both non-clinical and clinical experiences, early patient encounters, and contact with role models and mentors. Preceptors and faculty have a big impact on learners' positive professional identity formation by role-modeling professional behaviors. 

Consider having reflective conversations with your learners around the ethics and professional care delivery for more complicated cases such as a a patient without insurance. As you precept, foster positive professional identity formation by demonstrating tactics you have developed for yourself regarding wellness, resilience, and thoughtful self-reflection.

Read more about helping learners develop their professional identity.

Webinar #2 on ABFM PI Credit and Teaching Physician

The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Precepting Performance Improvement Program allows academic institutions to recognize and reward preceptors with Performance Improvement credit who participate in a teaching improvement activity.  The Community Faculty Self-Assessment tool can be used in conjunction with Teaching Physician content as one way to sponsor this ABFM PI credit for community faculty.

STFM is holding the second of three webinars for institutions who wish to go through the ABFM PI sponsoring process from start to finish. Register for the webinar here.

More on the Professional Identity of Your Learners      

The following pages are part of the Teacher and Professionalism domain, and the  full learning path can be found here.

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