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Focus of the Month

Your Medical Students Can Improve Patient Care

Medical students bring many benefits to your clinic as part of your care team, including the opportunity to offer personalized patient education during a patient's visit. By empowering your students to help patients understand their symptoms and conditions, you can ensure that your patients are getting the most out of their appointment. Your students will also benefit from recognizing the critical role that patient education plays in encouraging healthy behaviors and overcoming common barriers to health.

Your students can help with patient education in a number of ways. In addition to learning about the patient's lifestyle and giving advice about how to implement changes to improve health, students can discuss medication side effects and provide educational handouts. After the visit, students can call patients to find out if they have any follow-up questions about their treatment plan. This coordination of care will equip your patients to make informed decisions about their health. 

Visit the Patient Visits section of for guidance on how you can make students a part of your medical team.

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