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How to prepare yourself and your practice to bring in learners.

Residents as Teachers

About residents who teach and how you can help them.

Orienting a Learner

How to integrate a learner into your practice and set expectations.

Precepting Principles

All about adult learning principles and learner experience levels.

What to Teach

All about the clerkship curriculum and topics for teaching.

Teaching Strategies

A place to learn about models, methods, and teaching in the presence of patients.


How to both demonstrate and teach professionalism.

EHR and Health Informatics

All about electronic health records, billing issues and point-of-care technology.


The principles of feedback and feedback models.


The principles of assessment and how to evaluate learners.

Learners in Difficulty

How to identify learners in difficulty and how to address specific difficulties

After the Rotation

How to write letters of recommendation and debrief your practice.