Demonstrate a Variety of Teaching Methods

There are multiple interventions that may be implemented in clinical practice that may increase opportunities to teach. 

Different teaching methods may include:

  1. Priming the Learner: briefly prepare students for patient encounters by identifying key expectations and focusing the observation session
  2. Role Modeling: provide a guided opportunity for students to observe you in action
    1. Let the student know what they will be observing
    2. Consciously demonstrate skills
    3. Take time afterwards to debrief
  3. Teach in the presence of a patient: this allows you to correct and/or expand on missing history, to demonstrate a focused physical exam, and to apply clinical reasoning

Quick Tips

  • Ask students about their past learning experiences
  • Found out how individual students learn best in order to maximize their learning
  • Review various teaching methods, as found in the Teaching Strategies section of this website
  • Select appropriate teaching method based on the content you will be teaching

Authors: Mandi Sehgal, MD, Christine Clevenger, Ed.S.

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