Prep for an Efficient Day Teaching in the Clinic

One of the largest barriers to clinical teaching is time. With so much to do in clinic, too many minor disruptions can affect a day's schedule and, ultimately, patient care. Teaching, however, can be incorporated into clinical flow naturally. Before a learner arrives, spend a little time reflecting on how you want the learner to impact clinic flow. Begin with the schedule, consider the learner's goals, then select teaching methods that can increase efficiency. For instance, problem-oriented learning can simplify a diverse array of patients into manageable groups for teaching.

A learner whose goals include preventive care could see only those patients who meet that particular learner need. Then, before the learner goes into the exam room, give him or her a specific task. Allow time for the learner to review the patient's chart, see the patient, then complete a note. Encourage the learner to look up clinical questions afterwards.

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More About Orienting a Learner

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