Look for Opportunities for Direct Observation 

Whether you're precepting learners via virtual patient visits or in the exam room, direct observation is an invaluable tool, providing you with the opportunity to give feedback immediately following a patient encounter, to collect notes for written comments, and to provide you with a timeline of data for evaluations. 

And while opportunities for direct observation may be slim in 2020, take advantage of every opportunity you have to observe your learner. Remember, the first time you observe a learner in action, you are seeing how they handle patient encounters in the moment. Afterwards, talk with the learner about their interviewing style, how they take their histories, and the techniques they use during an exam. And if you find that patient encounters are few and far between, provide them with opportunities to interact with clinic staff

More About Evaluation  

Visit the Evaluation section for more information about planning and completing evaluations that are accurate and meaningful.