November 2017

Empower Your Staff to Help Teach Your Students

Your entire staff works together to provide team-based care for each patient who comes through the doors. You will be able to increase clinical productivity while giving your student a more well-rounded understanding of your practice by thoughtfully sharing the responsibilities of teaching with your staff. Every aspect of the clinical experience is an opportunity for a student to prepare for their future practice.

When a student joins the clinic, assess his or her level of skills and experience. Let your staff know what roles this student will take on and how that will affect their job responsibilities.

For example, your front-desk staff can give your student an understanding of the complexities of scheduling, while the nurses and medical assistants can teach students to administer injections, perform lab tests, or complete blood draws. Visit the Preparing Your Staff for Educational Roles page to learn more. 

More About Preparing for Your Learners: 

Visit the Orienting a Learner section for more tips on preparing for students, scheduling, and maintaining clinical productivity.