Set Shared Learning Objectives with Every Learner

After bringing a new learner into your clinic, you can schedule a brief meeting with your learner to review the institutional learning objectives, learn about the learner’s specific rotation goals, and share your own workflow preferences and priorities. This will set up everyone for success by ensuring that the learner achieves their desired outcomes and receives a fair evaluation. It has the added benefit of encouraging collaboration and self-reflection from the learner from the start of the rotation.

Use this conversation as an opportunity to re-familiarize yourself with the learning goals and objectives of the institution, and watch for areas to incorporate the goals of the learner. You may be able to review the free Student Onboarding Passport, which can be completed by the learner to prepare for this conversation. Ask the learner to self-assess their current clinical experience and discuss their personal goals for the rotation. Don’t forget to set up a time to revisit these goals with the learner at regular intervals before the rotation ends.

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