May 2018

Prepare Your Patients to Have Students Involved in Their Visit

You can set the stage for a successful patient visit and precepting opportunity by ensuring that you and your staff have prepared your patients for medical students to be involved in the visit. While many patients will agree have a medical student participate in their care, some may have reservations or questions about the role of the student during the visit. 

It may be helpful to place signage in the waiting room to let your patients know that their doctor teaches medical students. While rooming patients, staff can follow a script to ask each patient for permission for a student to be involved in the visit. This is an opportunity to clarify what a medical student will do to assist the physician during a visit.

Clear communication is key so that your patients can give explicit consent to be part of a teaching encounter. With thoughtful preparation your patients will understand the role of the student, and know that their feedback is valuable.

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