March 2017

Writing Meaningful Comments on Your Learner Evaluations

It can be challenging to write meaningful and specific narrative comments on evaluations for each student who passes through your doors. For instance, broad general comments such as “Paul is well-liked by patients” or “Meredith needs to work on diagnosing patients" leave out the specific feedback and context that will help students advance in their professional development. Written comments ought to address a number of learner attributes such as understanding (e.g. problem solving), skills (e.g. physical exams), knowledge (e.g. depth of medical knowledge), and attitude (e.g. intellectual curiosity). You can use these areas as a framework to guide you as you write narrative evaluations.

You can find a list of sample written comments for student evaluations in the Evaluation section of the website, along with additional evaluation resources that will help you educate students while providing an accurate overview of performance during a clerkship.

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