July 2018

Providing Preventive Patient Care with Your Students

Providing regular preventive care during routine office visits plays a critical role in promoting the health of your patients. Family medicine rotations are an essential opportunity for students to learn how to manage and prioritize the most appropriate, affordable, and important preventive services for individual patients. Your student can perform risk assessment screenings during patient encounters. Then, you and your student can then discuss your patients' personalized health promotion plans, and your student can follow through any additional health counseling needed. 

TeachingPhysician's precepting scenarios provide sample conversations between a preceptor and a student on important clinical topics like preventive care. Precepting conversations like these provide an opportunity to maximize clinical efficiency while enhancing the learning experience for your students. The sample preventive medicine scenarios cover topics such as cardiac risk assessment, weight loss, well-child checkups, tobacco use cessation counseling, and more.

Sample Precepting Conversations About Preventive Care

Visit the Precepting Principles section for more sample conversations on the following topics: