July 2017

Optimize Your Students' Use of Electronic Health Records

While many of today’s students are comfortable with the technology of electronic health records (EHRs), they may need guidance on how to effectively integrate EHRs into patient encounters. In order to give your students the experience they need, introduce them to your specific EHR, monitor their accuracy, model high-quality communication skills, and teach them best practices for documentation during a visit.

The 4 GET Model is a structure for using an EHR while precepting in the presence of a patient. The model begins with four “before” steps that set the groundwork for the patient encounter. The rest of the acronym offers a framework for data gathering, engaging the patient, and teaching core concepts while using the EHR. Ultimately, this model can be used to efficiently provide a student with high-quality clinical experience using EHRs.

More About Student Use of Electronic Health Records:

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