Your Learners' Wellness

Medical students and residents take their job very seriously. They are eager to learn and want to help in any way they can. But they may overlook a key area: their own well being. As a preceptor, you have a unique opportunity to watch for signs of burnout and fatigue and offer guidance. Begin by offering a supportive work environment that engages the learners in developing the skills needed for wellness.

Teach your learners how to check in with themselves after patient visits and throughout the day to monitor their cognitive abilities and emotional states. Learners receive a large amount of medical information on a daily basis, and you can help them learn how to process this information in a healthy way. Explain the value of taking time to reflect on their state of mind after a difficult patient encounter. When possible, share your own strategies for maintaining your wellness. Read more about discussing wellness with your learner here.  

More About Learner Well-Being 

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