February 2019

Prepare Your Patients to Have Students Involved in the Visit

As a preceptor, it's important to prepare your patients to have a student involved in their visit. You'll want to work with your office staff to set up a process to identify which patients are open to having a student participate in their visit. Many  patients will agree to be seen by a student, but some may have reservations or questions about how the visit will proceed with a student present. Clear communication will ensure that your patients give consent, understand the role of the student, and know that they can give feedback on their experience. 

Consider placing signs in the waiting room and exam rooms that explain that you teach students at your clinic. This will give your patients advance notice about the presence of students in the clinic. If a patient agrees to be seen by a student, be sure to thank him or her for taking part in educating a future physician.  You can read more about preparing the patient here.

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