Help Learners Self-Reflect

Self-reflection is an important skill for your learners to develop as a way to learn from recent experiences. The practice of self-reflection helps the learner develop insight into their learning needs and self-awareness of their clinical abilities. Reflection is also a critical part of self-care that can help a learner maintain their own wellness.

When providing feedback, consider using the ARCH model, which will reinforce the importance of reflection as a routine part of the learning process. Regularly ask your learners to reflect by saying, “How do you feel X went?” or “What did you do well and what could you improve upon?” If learners are struggling with self-reflection, you can role model your own reflection, as well as ask open-ended questions about specific procedures or presentations to prompt reflection. 

More About Teaching Self-reflection

Visit the Orienting a Learner section for more tips on helping learners engage in self-reflection. Additionally, you can share STFM's free Wellness Course with your learners.