August 2016

Getting to Know New Students at Your Practice

When a new medical student joins your practice, you might find out that he or she has worked as a pharmacy tech before medical school or has taken a keen interest in public health disparities. With that background information, you can tailor the rotation experience to better suit individual interests and take advantage of existing strengths or skills. 

You and your practice team can also benefit from the unique insights of each student, but first you'll need to know more about their professional backgrounds. One way to capture this information is to ask all new students to fill out a profile form that highlights backgrounds and interests. Visit this new page to learn more about how to use this information at your practice...

More Content on Orienting Your Learners

Welcoming a resident or student to your practice requires more than making a few introductions and finding the learner a place to sit. The first days of a clerkship or rotation set the groundwork for the learner’s overall experience. Visit the Orienting Your Learner section of for more practical tips and answers to the following questions: