April 2017

Using the RIME Model to Assess Your Learners

As a preceptor, you are constantly evaluating your learners regarding their progress through many areas of clinical performance. The RIME evaluation model provides a developmental framework that helps you to distinguish between basic and advanced levels of student performance. Not only is this model a practical tool that you can use to assess a learner’s progress, but you can also share it with a learner during orientation to help set concrete expectations from the very beginning.

RIME is an acronym that stands for Reporter (learner understands what is wrong with a patient), Interpreter (learner understands why something is wrong), Manager (learner understands how to address the problem), and Educator (learner understands deeply, informs the team, and is committed to continued self-learning).

A learner does not progress from Reporter to Educator in all clinical problems at the same time, but instead will be at one stage for difficult problems and another stage for easier ones.

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