Prepare Your Staff to Educate New Learners 

When you are preparing for the arrival of new learners into your clinic, be sure to include your staff in the preparation process. In a meeting with staff and clinicians, share any information you have about the learner’s role, his or her previous clinical experience, and relevant information regarding the teaching you expect to provide. Be sure to emphasize how the learner can add value to the clinic.

Provide each staff member with ways they can directly contribute to both orientation and learning. For example, front desk staff can explain how scheduling at your clinic works, while nurses can teach students how to administer injections and complete blood draws. You can also assign a staff person to offer a tour of the facilities, introduce other staff and explain their roles, and run through a description of the patient population. Don’t forget to also assign a staff member to provide access to the EMR and other necessary technology. 

More About Preparing Staff

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