August 2018

Setting Expectations with Your Students

As students begin clerkships at your practice, it's important to meet with them early on to set expectations for success during rotations. This is an opportunity to clarify your own expectations for the students, talk about the objectives from the school for the clerkship, and discuss the students' own expectations for the rotation. You can also offer the students tips for succeeding as team members in the practice.  

Each practice is unique and each clerkship rotation is also unique, so your students will appreciate it if you take the time to let them know exactly what is expected from them by you and the rest of the office staff.

Let them know how they will be involved in patient care, and review your plans for providing day-to-day learning and feedback. Even a relatively brief conversation on these topics will let your students know that this is a supportive learning environment. 

More About Orienting a Student at Your Practice

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